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I am a member of Diablo Woodworkers, a club for woodworkers in the Diablo Valley of the San Francisco East Bay Area.

Through the Diablo Woodworkers, I have worked on a number of community projects. Here are a few.


Adirondack chairs

On several occasions the club worked on Adirondack Chairs for Camp Okizu, a camp for children with cancer and their families. My principal role was to design the chair (and a double chair) and manage the workgroup in the construction process.

emerson elementary school picnic tables

In March and April 2017, members of Diablo Woodworkers designed the picnic tables; the redwood lumber was donated by Bill Ridings of Urban Lumber; a team cut the lumber to size at Duke's shop; helpers, team members, and 4th grade students assembled them in their school cafeteria. My role was to design the Picnic Table and Benches, manage the work group in the construction process of the components, and participate with the children in the assembly of the tables and benches.



grass valley elementary school garden boxes

Diablo Woodworkers helped students at Grass Valley Elementary School make garden boxes from kits made by Club members. The students enjoyed the experience, as did the teachers and club members who helped out.