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Tripod Table


Tripod Table

This is an English piece of 1755-1770 in the style of Chippendale in mahogany. The shaft, a cluster of columns quatrefoil in plan, is supported upon a bulbous form which rests upon three cabriole legs. There is a carving in the knee of these legs. The table top is in "Pie-crust" form.

Tripod Table Design Documents
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This page has a video series covering the construction of this table from start to finish.

Reference: "Masterpieces of Furniture" by Verna Cook Salomonsky



This is an introduction to a series of videos on shop construction of an 18th C. English Tripod Table with a piecrust top. It summarizes my interest in making this complex piece involving a number of special and challenging details.

Introduction, part 2

This video goes into more introductory details about the tripod table.

roughing out the post

This video shows roughing out the post on the lathe.

Shaping the quatrefoil

This video shows shaping the turned post with a quatrefoil shape.

Dovetail sockets

This video covers making the Dovetail Sockets in the bottom face of the Post.

Dovetails in legs

This video covers making the Dovetails on the cabriole legs.

Fitting dovetails

This video shows the cutting and fitting of dovetails on the cabriole leg that attach to the mating sockets in the Post.

Preparing for carving the legs

In this video, I show the preparation of the cabriole legs for carving the acanthus design on the knee.

Carving the legs

This video shows the acanthus carving on the knee of the cabriole legs.

Shaping the legs

In this video, I show the shaping of the cabriole legs.

Starting the Pie Crust Top

This video shows the starting processes on the pie-crust Top.

Carving the Pie crust edge

In this video, I show the carving of the Pie Crust Edge.

Refining the pie crust edge

In this video, I show the refinement of the Pie Crust Edge.

Beveling the lower edge

In this video, I show the beveling of the lower edge of the piecrust.

Finishing the top

In this video, I show the finishing of the Pie Crust Edge.