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Serpentine Chest of Drawers


Serpentine Chest of Drawers

Reference: "Period Furniture Designs" by Charles Hayward

This is a difficult piece with its shaped front, canted corners, fretwork, and carved bracket feet. I built it in mahogany as is the original (circa 1760 - English), and I've used mahogany crotch veneer on the drawer fronts. The drawers have an ebony cock bead and this was also difficult with the shaped drawer fronts.



This is the introductory video for the shop building of an 18th C. Serpentine Chest of Drawers. This is a Chippendale style English chest of drawers.

Making templates

This shows the making of the full size template for shaping the serpentine in the Front Drawer Rails.

working side dadoes

This shows the working of the Side Dadoes that will house the Drawer Frames

Side rebate

This shows the making of the rebate in the Side for the Canted Corner Scarf.

Side Details

This describes the details of constructing the Sides for the Chest

dry fit carcase

This shows the dry fit of the carcase including all of the Drawer Frames and Sides

base frame

This shows the construction details for the Chest Base Frame

Marking the corner joint

This shows the detail marking out of the Corner Joint on the Base Frame