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Pembroke Table


Pembroke Table, 1790

I designed this Pembroke Table based on the references listed below. The basic dimensions, shape, joinery, and construction was based on the Margon reference, while the inlay and decoration followed other references. Occasionally we see the President in the White House meeting with dignitaries between two Pembrokes strikingly similar to this design. I made two of these, and my students made five others.


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The videos below show how I approach the complicated inlay on the legs of this table.


Cutting leaflets

The first step in inlaying the bell flowers is to cut out the individual outer leaflets. Several carving gauges are used to cut the various shapes.

Cutting outlines

Next, cut the outlines.


The third step is to route the leaflets out.


Fourth, we glue in the leaflets.

Placing and Gluing Center Bell Leaflets

The fifth step is to place and glue the center bell leaflets

Placing Circle Inlays

The sixth and final step is to place the circle inlays that sit atop each flower.