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Chamfered Post Table


Chamfered Post Table

I was looking for a moderate-difficult piece of furniture to use in my school class "Building Classic Furniture" and found the Chamfered Post Table. It was in one of my favorite furniture books, Wallace Nutting's "Furniture Treasury". He did not say much about it and indicated a date of 1700, and the location at Wadsworth Atheneum. There was one small picture along with the overall H, W, D dimensions. It was perfect for my class in providing an overview of table and drawer construction and joinery. It also includes breadboards in the top assembly, a somewhat complex joinery to accommodate wood expansion/contraction.

I used sugar pine as the main material and finished one table with linseed oil and seedlac, and another with milkpaint.

I also used this piece as a modeling exercise in Chapter Nine of my book "SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers". Below you can watch a series of videos that shows how I built this design in SketchUp.


Construction of the basic Carcase

This stage covers the construction of the basic carcase in SketchUp.

Chamfering Leg Components

This stage shows the process of chamfering the Leg components.

Adding the Joinery

This stage shows the process of adding the joinery - mortise & tenons.

Drawer Runners and Kickers

This stage shows the process of adding the Drawer Runners and Kickers.

Upper Frame Assembly

This stage shows the process of adding the Upper Frame Assembly.

Adding Top and Breadboard

This stage shows the adding of the Top and Breadboard.

Breadboard Joinery

This stage shows the modeling of the joinery in the Breadboard component.

Drawer Assembly and Dovetail Joints

This stage shows the initial construction of the Drawer Assembly and Dovetail Joints.

Drawer Bottom

This stage shows the construction of the Drawer Bottom component.

Turning the Drawer Knob

This stage shows the "turning" of the Drawer Knob or Pull.

Final shaping – Drawer Side and Bottom

This stage shows some final shaping of the Drawer Side and Bottom.